Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Hard Lessons live in Charlevoix!

So one morning I got a friend request on Facebook from my friend Carter. I browse his page and I see that he had a post that said the Hard Lessons played in Marquette, I scroll down and see someone asks "when are they playing in Charlevoix?" and he writes that they're playing tonight!
The Hard Lessons are my favorite live band, super high energy. I've seen them three times, once at the Temple Club in Lansing, once at the Magic Stick in Detroit (with Carter), and now at the Pavilion in Charlevoix. Not a single show was disappointing and I urge you go to one of they're shows. Though at the Temple Club I was forced to watch Motion Shitty Soundtrack, THL blew them out of the water. They have a unique sound and they represent Michigan and the Midwest pretty hard. There is so much more that I can say about them, but I'll let you check them out and decide for yourself. And it was fate that let me know about the show, pretty crazy.
Here are some pictures and videos of them:

The Hard Lessons from Richard Whinnie on Vimeo.

The Hard Lessons playing in Char from Richard Whinnie on Vimeo.

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